Monday, December 8, 2008

i love snow!

the snow is here.  my potty breaks are no longer quick... i like to pounce around in the snow and get my belly full of snowballs!  there is a big hill my dad made from shoveling and i just lay on top of it like a little king.  
next is christmas.  my mom told me that i better be ready to unwrap.  oh boy!


Miss Poppy said...

Merry Xmas !! I got so many presents !! It's almost unbelievable !! I now got officialy my own laptop and Lily an I-Paw !! I am soooo happy !! Did Santa Claus managed to get to your house ?? Here on TV we see nothing but snow in your country ..

Dexter... said...

merry christmas to you too! your own laptop?!

santa got here ok, even with the snow. i just posted some pictures... he was good to me this year. :)